Mark Diedricks, Arklen, has changed my ‘Back Room’ from a very old, leaky structure to a room I’ll be able to use for entertaining and relaxing in during my forthcoming retirement.

He had been recommended to me by the Architect who originally designed a room which exceeded my budget but Mark was able to modify the plans to bring them more into line with what I could afford.

His ‘team’ were always polite and patient at explaining work they were doing while Mark went out of his way to make the experience of building exciting rather than a trial – even though, being an old house, some problems were encountered – and I had never before attempted a project like this!

The meticulous workmanship is exactly what I expected from him having come so highly recommended and his communication skills are excellent. He even informed my neighbour each day about the noise level she could expect when her toddler would be sleeping.

I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone needing the services of a Master Builder.


Jenny Gillam


I am pleased to offer my support for the performance of Mark Diedricks and Arklen Developments on the North Perth House project. At the time of writing this letter the project is under construction looking toachieve framing completion by August 1, 2011.

To date the project has been undertaken in an extremely professional and diligent manner. The North Perth House is an architecturally designed home, constructed in timber frame, on a rear battle-axe block in an established suburb. This project has presented a number of challenges at this early stage;

  • Small site.

  • Difficult and constrained access from a major arterial road.

  • Site boundary issues.

  • Close proximity to neighbours on all 4 boundaries.

  • Extensive earthworks.

  • Technically challenging structure.

Each of these challenges have been met with both skill and enthusiasm, their resolution has been seamless, allowing the project to maintain program and momentum. As the client it would be safe to say that were it not for Mark's enthusiasm and positive attitude, this project would not have come to this point. His willingness to propose solutions where others saw problems and resolve the issues in a manner which solved the problem and met the budget criteria for the project has been exceptional.

As the architect for the project Mark's positive attitude and pursuit of the design vision for the project has been a breath of fresh air. He has understood the design direction of the project and been able to support this vision in the construction process. He has been proactive and committed to realizing the quality expectations that the design demands.

At present the project is on schedule to be completed prior to Christmas, which will result in a 6 month construction period.

As both a client and an architect I can highly recommend the services of Mark Diedricks and Arklen Developments, the combination of enthusiasm, construction skill, professionalism, programme and management diligence in my experience has been first rate and will add value to any small to medium scale residential project with ambitions of a high quality design result. I would be happy to discuss my experience with Mark further should it be required, I can be contacted on 0410 861 766.

Yours Sincerely,
Steven Smyth, RAIA
Registered Architect W.A.



Mark Diedricks is currently managing construction works to a value of approximately $500.000.00 for a residence owned by Christou Nominees Pty Ltd. including:

  • insurance repair work to the value of $200.000 .00;

  • internal upgrade and remodelling work;

  • external works; and

  • extension work.

As an architect with over 35 years of experience in the industry. I can confirm that Mark has the following qualities and attributes:

  • a most positive attitude towards the client and towards the construction works;

  • excellent communication skills;

  • excellent organisation skills and coordination skills; and

  • excellent construction knowledge in all trades.

I have no doubt that Mark has the requisite skills and discipline to undertake projects up to a value of $2 million.

If you have any queries. please do not hesitate to contact me on (08) 9285 6888.

Yours faithfully,
James Christou
Managing Director / FRAIA
CHRISTOU Design Group


Dear Sir/Madam

REF: Mark Diedricks – Arklen Developments

I have known Mark Diedricks for over fifteen years. He has contributed to three residential projects that I have undertaken in a most positive manner.

As a tradesman, his workmanship has been of a high order with reliability, attention to detail and ability to solve problems being hallmarks of his work. This has encompassed all facets of carpentry from framing and cladding to second fixing and cabinetwork.

Mark possesses the rare attribute of remaining calm and affable in all situations that arise on building sites, which in turn commands respect from those working around him.

He is well organized, maintains a neat and orderly site and communicates well.

Mark is a person of integrity and Arklen Developments will always be my first choice in selecting a builder for future projects.

I highly recommend his services.


Keith Cameron-Brown


Hello at Arklen,

We are near neighbours of your construction site on the corner of Queens Road and Bedford Road in Ardross. We live on Bedford Road and walk past the site every day.The purpose of this contact is to record with you our appreciation as near neighbours for the clean and tidy site you run. We fully appreciate that there must be some disruption and local impact when a house is being built, but the way in which your site is maintained is a credit to your company and your tradesmen.

The efforts you and the tradesmen go to are very much appreciated.

Murray and Stephanie Yates


To Whom it may concern

Arklen Developments, to date, have been an asset to our project and to our client. We have found Mark Diedricks, the Director, to be an approachable, friendly and honest character. His enthusiasm, hands-on and very detailed approach to the way he engages construction have been a refreshing experience. He is a craftsman.

Arklen Developments is a design orientated builder. Mark understands the aesthetics and architectural intention behind our designs and strives to achieve them successfully. He takes on challenges with a positive attitude and sees every challenge as a chance to learn. He is also one of very few builders in Perth who prefers alternative building materials which is always a positive in terms of creating environmental sustainable buildings and efficient construction processes.

It is on these bases, that Gerry Kho Architects and Arklen Developments have formed a long term professional relationship. The philosophies of both companies are in line with one another and just as important to the process, we’ve found working with Arklen Developments to be a joy which is a rare occurrence in our profession.

Should you have any queries or if you wish to discuss, please contact me on 0403 980 117, (08) 9330 5981 or via email to


Gerry Kho
[] [] [RAIA]

John Firth

Dear Mark, I was absolutely delighted to read in today's newspaper of your award in the Innovative construction for Small Lots Award. Winner. Why am i not surprised? Well, I lived in the area at the time of subdivision, and doubted it's potential but, having met you during construction period I was impressed with yours and your teams positive attitude. On my many visits, which you graciously allowed me as a visitor and as an observer I was quite surprised with the attention to detail and quality of "first fix" preparation of subsequently to be 'covered up' work, which is most unusual in most projects I have witnessed. You do deserve to succeed and I trust that the waterproofing of the retaining below ground to the right (west) hydraulics can be one of the mots challenging aspects of our industry.

Best wishes,

John Firth
Qualified F.R.I.C.S
Quantities, B.R.B

Jackie and Jeff Burdett

We would  not hesitate to recommend Mark Diedricks and Arklen to anyone who is planning on building or renovating. From the very beginning of our project we have been impressed with Arklen's level of service and quality of workmanship. 
Mark's great team arrive punctually and we have been amazed at the cleanliness of the site when they leave at the end of each day. 
Communication quickly and directly either with Mark or Luke has been the great thing about working with Arklen, nothing is too much trouble and although we have had a few challenges along the way with council and other authorities, Mark has resolved these with his usual efficiency and good humour. 

Best Regards

Jackie and Jeff

Will Thomson 

I have worked very closely with Mark Diedricks and his team at Arklen on two recent projects (at the time of writing this,both currently under construction) and have been thoroughly impressed with their amazing quality, attention to detail, dedication to deliver an outstanding product and an unwavering enthusiasm. 

Mark is a builder of incredible professionalism, and his positive attitude reflects in the quality of his work, that of his sub-contractors and in the happiness of his clients. 

Both of my projects with Arklen have consisted of numerous challenges, including: 

  • Confined site

  • No access

  • Diversion of sever main that dissected the site

  • Heritage and asbestos issues

  • Proximity to neighbours

  • Managing council and services authorities through sub-division issues

  • Very short construction time frames

  • Projects with relatively modest budgets and big aspirations

  • Ongoing design changes

Mark and his team have addressed all of these (and many more) issues diligently, professionally and enthusiastically. Important to note, these are the sorts of issues that will scare builders away form a projects, or impact on progress and frustrate clients. Not only has Mark embraced the challenge of undertaking these difficult projects, but has kept the projects on time and on budget. Both have numerous complexities and both have very personal reasons for wanting specific completion dates (ie - one client wants to be in to celebrate their 60th). Mark has seen it as his personal responsibility to ensure no matter what, these deadlines are met. 

As an architect of over 10 years experience in large scale commercial architecture similarly in crafted, finely detailed residential design, it is rare when you find a builder of Mark's calibre. 

It is not often you see such pride taken in the quality and finish of every aspect of construction, a site kept as clean, a commitment to retain the design no matter the challenges and a commitment for excellence that Mark and his team at Arklen strive to achieve. 

I would strongly recommend Arklen for any project you are considering. 

Yours Sincerely
Will Thomson


To whom it may concern, 

With the help of our architect we looked for a builder that was affordable and capable of constructing our dream home. There was a real challenge finding a builder willing to work with alternative materials and architectural detail within the budget. 

We were fortunate enough to engage Arklen Developments as our primary contractor for the project. Managing director Mark Diedricks was very polite and professional throughout the build. We received a very high level of communication and correspondence. 

The building site was very well managed. All materials were stacked neatly and the site was always very clean and tidy. 

Mark showed a willingness to accept and overcome challenges in the complex design and provided solutions in a positive and productive manner. Marks foresight and attention to detail really helped the architect push the boundaries of design to accomplish something very special. 

We absolutely love our home! Having it completed ahead of schedule allowed us to settle in to our new home in nice orderly fashion. We certainly enjoyed the process overall and would happily recommend the services of Arklen Developments to all. 

Yours sincerely

Victor and Fesi Budiardjo 


Mark Diedricks and Arklen are delivering for us a long-awaited and challenging build that will transform our run-down heritage cottage into a clever modern home. As we watch the build from two doors down, we can see Arklen realise Will Thomson’s architecture with high quality workmanship and great care for the site. Mark has already worked through numerous design challenges – and changes – with us and the architect, and always resolved them calmly and cost-effectively. He is an excellent communicator and has managed neighbour relations very well, even relocating the portaloo when one of them grumbled. Overall, Arklen’s service has been excellent and Mark has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. We have no hesitation in recommending Arklen highly.


Jeremy and Gill

Tom and Mel

We wholeheartedly recommend working with Arklen.  The Arklen team are all genuine,  passionate people who went above and beyond to help us build our dream home. They were very easy to communicate with throughout the building process, and nothing we asked for was ever too much trouble. We were new to the building process and they were really helpful in educating us so we could get the best possible result.  


Their workmanship and standards are impeccable, everything has been executed to the highest standard.  Even our neighbours were impressed with the courtesy and tidiness of the builders, and appreciated the level of communication. 


We loved being able to be very involved throughout the building process,  and being able to regularly visit the build site. The Arklen team made building exciting and enjoyable, and kept the stress out of the process for us. The few issues that came up along the way were handled smoothly and easily. 

Mel and Tom 

Brad and Penny White

It is our absolute pleasure to provide a testimonial for Arklen.

From the commencement of our new home project Mark and his team provided excellent advice and open and honest communication.

The workmanship and attention to detail of Mark and his team of trades is brilliant.

We visited our site almost every day during construction and any questions or potential changes we raised were explained and dealt with, with great efficiency and professionalism.

Our build was completed in a very short time frame to accommodate our living arrangements and we couldn't be happier with the finished product.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Arklen to anyone looking to build a new home and thoroughly enjoyed working with them.


Brad and Penny

Daryl and Pheony Tan

Many builders will claim that they are different from the rest. It is entirely different when a builder's contractor confirms the claim and says "They are not like other builders we've worked with." 

From the first introductory meeting to taking possession of our home and subsequent maintenance calls, Arklen has consistently delivered with quality, professionalism and friendliness. We previously built with a large project builder, where we were treated as a number and a job. Arklen has treated us as a respected project partner.

Mark, Owen and the Arklen team will bring to the table a combination of obsessive compulsive spirit, passion for their craft, construction expertise and local industry networks to ensure that your home building experience exceeds your expectations. They are also super relaxed and great to have a laugh with. We would recommend Arklen without any reservations whatsoever.

 Best Regards

Daryl and Pheony