We are a team of builders and craftspeople who build environmental sustainable homes. Based in North Fremantle, we combine sustainable designs with innovative construction. We strive to create homes that are considerate to the environment and reflect the modern lifestyle of Western Australians.


Building with arklen 

We build homes, not houses. The construction process is as much about you as it is us. Therefore, communication is a vital part of our working relationships.

We believe that transparency enables the best results so we invite your input at every stage. During the project we will get to know you and offer our support so that you are assured of getting the home you want.

Our team also work closely with the architects on your project to ensure their designs are realised and budgets are met.


offering eco-friendly options

From its inception Arklen has focused on building stunning sustainable homes. Our first project on Charles Street, North Perth won the Master Builder’s Award for ‘Innovative Construction on a Small Lot’. Since then our one-man team has grown to a solid five members, plus a close network of designers and architects.

Arklen was founded in 2011 by Mark Diedricks as result of his frustration with the lack of options available to people who wanted to build a sustainable home.

Running a successful carpentry business for close to 15 years, Mark saw the same double brick homes being built, modelled on the same blueprint design, over and over and over. Fed up with the building industry’s lack of quality and narrow options he wanted to create a company that offered people choices and allowed them to build the home they really want.



There is no need to continue building houses with the same materials, nor should we keep using the same designs. There are alternatives.

The Arklen team is passionate about solar passive design and innovative construction. We dedicate our time to resourcing and researching alternative building materials, reducing our carbon footprint and designing homes that are mindful of the environment and climate.

Our projects are a testament to our dedication to sustainable, eco homes.


If you are interested in starting a project with us please get in touch.