Your Earthworks

Earthworks will be the most variable item in your project. Conserving the earth is very important to us. To prevent unnecessary disruption during your earthworks we believe it is essential for our management to be present at your site. 

a stable Foundation

Starting with the foundations we want your home to be constructed in the best possible manner. Foundations affect the long term stability of your home so they have to be right. We will ensure the soil supporting your foundations are at their maximum compaction standards.

Surveys eliminate risk

Licensed surveyors will mark out the precise location and boundaries of your home with all effort made to remove discrepancies. Multiple survey markings will be made and cross referenced to ensure your home is built to exact dimensions with the correct orientation.

Your Concrete Works

Your concrete slab provides the platform for the rest of the project so we strive for its perfection. Initiated by our surveyors who set out the slab, our team of carpenters sustain the precision.  We use continuous mesh through set downs and set formwork to exact heights read by a laser level. 

Your Structural Steel

Our steel detailer will model and detail all structural steel before commencing fabrication. This process works in conjunction with our surveyor to ensure absolute accuracy. All steel is treated or hot dipped galvanised before delivery to site.

structural integrity in all framing and bracing

In our selection of the highest quality timber we assure you a solid framework for your home. All structural timber unless otherwise specified will be F7 CCA treated plantation pine - the highest quality visually graded and selected timber. Our framing guidelines are above the minimum standards set in AS 1684. 

treated Fixings and Hardware

We use galvanised or stainless steel fixing and hardware. No plain or untreated connectors will ever be used. The use of treated fixings eliminates and minimises corrosion which in turn reduces maintenance and increases the life span of your home.

Your Water Proofing

Water proofing is an extremely important and often underrated task. To reduce potential damage we provide full coverage to the entire wet area. All internal corners are bandaged and two additional coats are applied in alternative directions for maximum overlap.

energy efficient comfort

We install anticon insulation blankets beneath tin roofs to provide you with a more comfortable, energy efficient home. All ceilings and timber walls, including internal and partitioned walls, will be insulated to protect you against external temperature and noise. 

Minimal waste

We accurately measure and estimate materials to reduce waste and minimise the cost of your project. Where possible we site measure. Not only do we use advanced technology to calculate quantities, we instil the old carpenter’s philosophy of “measure twice and cut once”.

spotless Work Site

We take pride in our work sites and insist that all trades people clean up after themselves on a daily basis. Maintaining a clean site promotes better quality workmanship and automatically reduces the risk of injury. Arklen take safety management very seriously and make every effort to reduce risks.

protection and security of your site

Unfortunately theft and vandalism are a part of life in the building industry. We take measures to ensure your site, materials and completed work are protected. Lockable boundary fencing keeps unauthorised personal off your site. And protective insurances cover your project from theft, vandalism and storm damage.  

your home will always be accessible

You have access to your home at all time during the building process. You will gain a full understanding of the project as you watch it transform from a plan to reality. With this foresight you can minimise the cost of any changes you may request.