building should BE ENJOYABLE

Our aim is to make the process of building your new home exciting and enjoyable from start to finish. As industry experts, our professionalism and conduct enable us to develop a strong level of trust from the beginning of each build. We maintain this transparency with you throughout the project so your experience is a personal one.


Building design and construction require attention to communication, foresight and planning. From the beginning, our projects adhere to careful preparation and it continues with each progressive stage. In doing so we minimise waste and achieve exceptional outcomes.


We are considerate and thoughtful in our approach to construction. For each of our projects we encourage and employ solar passive and sustainable designs. We are selective in our materials and in the treatment and installation of them. Following these best practices will reduce embodied and operational carbon emissions and ultimately, minimise your household running costs and increase the lifespan of your home.

a clean building site 

The cleanliness of a building site is a reflection of the character and work ethic of those working on it. We believe maintaining a clean site encourages productivity and better workmanship, and shows the respect for our project, the client and our company. We encourage you to visit one of our sites and observe our tidy workplace.

professional DEMEANOUR

We take pride in conducting ourselves in a professional manner at all times. The Arklen team’s punctuality, presentation and manners have been important contributing factors to our success and are elements we continue to uphold in each of our projects.